The Digital You

Everyone who applies to a job or school fills out an application advocating all their strengths and giving the employer or administrator a look at what kind of person you are. You never think that an employer is going to look up every single candidate’s record, or that an administrator is going to look at your social media accounts. The reality of the matter is that they do and they probably will. Your digital identity is just as important as your physical one. It represents who you are, whether that be good or bad, and you can’t erase it.

When I googled myself I didn’t expect to find that much. I figured if there are so many Cortneys in the world how am I going to find myself amongst them? Truth is, it isn’t that difficult. Within minutes I was able to find my Facebook page, high school soccer stats, college roster picture, Sportsrecruit profile, my blog, and my name on a list of graduates from Pope John XXIII Regional High School on the New Jersey Herald. I was surprised that all this information was so easily accessible and I had no idea it was that simple. I found it surprising that there are websites that can look up to see if you have any criminal records, or bring up a list of all previous and recent addresses you’ve had, as well as names of relatives, phone numbers, and emails. It’s clearly evident that everything you do or put online is tracked and easily accessible to others at the touch of a button. Next time you want to post something online, ask yourself if you want your future employer seeing it.

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