How to Stay Organized

Like many people, I tend to procrastinate and be very unorganized. To help fix this problem I researched the web and found some interesting applications. They all looked effective and engaging, but the one that stuck out to me the most was an app called Remember the Milk which was free and looked simple and easy to use. Once I created an account it prompted me to download the app on my phone so I could have access to it at all times. When setting a reminder or note in the app, you can pick from a variety of categories such as work, personal, study, and inbox or your general tab. From there you can pick a priority level and have your task be ranked higher or lower due to the importance of getting it done. Another interesting aspect I found was when you type in your reminder and say, for example, “Chemistry Exam tomorrow at noon” the application will automatically save the task for tomorrow and set the time for 12 pm. You can even use the term “next Friday” and write specific times without manually going in and editing the due date and time. I find just typing in the reminder much easier than constantly having to edit it manually since it saves time and is quick and easy to use. All in all, I found Remember the Milk extremely helpful for keeping myself organized. I usually don’t use apps to help me keep a schedule or a to-do list since it usually takes too much time and effort, but surprisingly I find it easier to use then reminders on my phone!

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