FYS 142 Expectations

Entering FYS 142 I expect to learn more about the digital world and how it affects teens and children today. We are relying on technology to do simple everyday tasks, like depositing a check or grocery shopping online, instead of going out and doing it ourselves. Most of us seem to spend more time on our devices than interacting with family or friends. Its evident technology plays a huge role in our lives, but I also see that there is a time and place when to use your devices and when not to. By having a presence through ‘Berg Builds I feel I can express my own opinion without someone’s input, but I can also feel judged at the same time since it is public. I don’t feel as though I have any major concerns about having a public academic presence, other than the curiosity of who is looking at my posts, but I’m sure that’ll go away over time.

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