Controlling Your Digital World

The two articles “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?” and “The Web We Need to Give Students” talk about the importance of controlling your own Domain in the digital world. Many teachers and schools are realizing there are more benefits for students to be involved with technology both in and out of the classroom. Although there are a few that would argue technology is nothing but a distraction to learning, however, if it is used correctly it can enhance a student’s intellectual ability. Having your own Domain gives students a sense of digital presence different from common social media apps, such as Snapchat or Instagram, that showcases a social identity like no other. When students are given the responsibility of owing their own Domain and dictating what can and cannot go on it, it influences the student to constantly write their best work for fear of social embarrassment, much different than a teacher simply grading a test in a classroom. A Domain can also be a source of a student’s identity. Instead of having an official transcript that shows how well a student scores in the classroom, a Domain can be a representation of the student in a way that expresses his or her thoughts and ideas as a type of digital portfolio. Most importantly, a Domain isn’t just a blog or website that a student uses for his or her pleasure, but a facet of a representation of a student’s hard work that they don’t just leave behind but get to take with them to further grow in knowledge. Domains help aide growth in writing, creativity, and expression by providing a space for a student to develop his or her own ideas.

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