Blake Technologies

My family is the above average user when it comes to technology. My father majored in computer science, just like his father, and currently works as a product manager at Callminer helping design and perfect vocally interactive computer programs. Even before taking up a job at a company, my dad helped startup his brother’s computer business which they called “Blake Technologies.” Although it didn’t last very long, I still find it impressive that they had the ingenuity and resources to form such an entrepreneurship. ┬áMy mother on the other hand is more traditional and almost the complete opposite, she barely picks up her cell phone and still asks my eleven year old sister for advice when it comes to using our family computer. I guess you could say I got my liking of technology from my father’s side.

The earliest use of technology I can remember is that old phone everyone had in their homes called landlines. For some odd reason, I always got tangled in the wire whether I was on the phone, most likely talking to Grandma, or not. Why? I couldn’t tell you. Although I did enjoy playing with the phone, my real interest was Television. Put Scooby Doo on and I’d be entertained for the whole day. It got even better when you could bring the fun to school when the Nintendo DS came out. My parents thought I was too young to get one when it first came out but they later invested in it for my Christmas present and let me tell you…I brought that Nintendo everywhere. I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. In fact, I still have it, but I let my younger sister use it most of the time. Along with the Nintendo DS, the iPod was another technological necessity. Almost everyone had one in school, except for me and some other select few students since our parents thought we were “too young” to be responsible for one. In replacement of the iPod my Father got me an MP3 player. It wasn’t an iPod, but it still did the job.

Now by this time, my friends were all starting to get cell phones. I finally got one right before I turned thirteen, since it came with the purchase of my mother’s new cell phone. Nothing big, just an old Samsung phone that slid up to turn into a game controller. However, in a few months, that phone started to degenerate. A few months after the iPhone 5c and 5s came out, my father upgraded all our phones. He got the 5s and my mom and I got the 5c. I’m still using that phone today, even though its a little slow.

Come to think of it, I’ve never really thought about how technology affected my childhood, but when I go back and look at how I used devices almost every day, I realize just how dependent we are on technology today. Everyone I know has a cell phone, laptop, and probably even an iPad, and if you don’t have one of those devices on you at all times people automatically assume something’s wrong. We should all try to put down our devices at some time and see what its like to not be constantly connected to others.

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