Are We Overusing Technology?

In Bush’s article “As We May Think” he explicates the ways in which people use technology, whether it be positive or negative. At first Bush talks about how most inventions made since 1945 have extended man’s physical power rather than the mind. Throughout the article Bush calls for change, especially in the way people use technology. He goes into detail about inventions like photography, television, radio, and machines with interchangeable parts, such as the automobile, and the ways in which people use them. Bush then explains how people can use these inventions in a positive way for scientific development. He even proposes an invention called the “memex”, which closely resembles the later invention of the world wide web, to help man search, organize, and communicate documents. However, I feel that today’s technological inventions have far outmatched Bush’s expectations. We have the ability to research, share, and discover anything at the click of a button. It’s so simple that the amount of time people spend on the internet a day can be surprising. In the article “How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media?” Evan Asano breaks down the minutes spent on social media into days, months, and years. In an average lifetime, we spend over five years on social media and over seven years watching TV. That is we spend more time on technology in our lifetime than eating or drinking, which came to be three years and five months. Granted, the internet has made it easier to communicate research and information for scientific purposes, however, it is largely overused for social purposes.

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